Email Address Doesn’t Have Access to App (Maker plan)

Because that’s what is allowed with the Free and Maker plans. It’s outlined in the pricing page

ok… can I easily get a different plan?

Sure, you can always change plans. The Team and Business plans allow any email domain to sign in, but are limited in the number of included users. 20 and 40 respectively. Anything above the base number of users requires you to pay per additional user. Then there is custom Enterprise pricing, which requires you to contact Glide sales.

this is just a church directory… we are not selling anything. Just want people to be able see each other’s phone numbers, emails and addresses. I can’t spend an exorbitant amount and we’ve put a tremendous amount of work into this. I’m getting worried…

Can you give an example of an email that was blocked? If your application is for a church, you can ask them to use private email only. Private email is an email that you can view based on its domain, for example:,, and several others.

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Those emails look fine. Have you looked at the other link I shared above to check the privacy settings for your app?

Yes… it is set as private because we are requiring that people opt-in to allowing us to include their information for privacy reasons. So a login is required. Is there another way to do that?

If it’s set to private, then each email needs to be included in whichever table you specify as the whitelist table. That could be the user table or a separate table. Only emails that already exist in that whitelist table are are allowed to sign in…thus making it a private app. If it was public then anyone could sign in.

ok thanks… I’ll make that change.

Yes. The Maker plan only allows personal emails as stated in the details on the plan pricing page and in all documentation regarding the plan.

This is how I’ve set it up (see attached). Is that correct?

Yes, as long as the Members table already contains the emails of all members that could possibly sign in.

Thank you so much for all your help and hanging there with me! I really appreciate it. If I wanted to contact Glide directly, how could l do that… I don’t see contact info listed anywhere?

To contact sales, the link to the form is at the bottom of Glide’s main website and also within the Enterprise information on the pricing page.

Thank you!