Mapbox maps start extremely zoomed in

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Describe the bug:

  • mapbox maps are zoomed in to that max on glide pages

Expected behavior:

  • if the location is a city (ex. Toronto, On), it should show the city at large.

How to replicate:

  • put ‘toronto, on’ or another variation (city, state/province) and connect a maps feature to it

Link to demo recording (optional):


What most likely happened here is that Mapbox tried to decode “Toronto, ON” to an address, and zoomed in on that address.

I don’t have a good suggestion here for you, I don’t know if specifying a real address in Toronto would make things better.

I had this function in my app before, and it used to work fine with this format. In fact, the legacy map still does. It’s only net new maps I attach to data. See this screenshot I just took from a previous build. I’ve checked both map components and they’re configured the same.

the only difference I could think of is that I’m using gsheets as the source in this one and not a glide table. Still, this should work.

Can you specify if you mean this is the app in your Glide Pages that works, or this is a Classic App?

Your screenshot suggests it’s a Glide Page, if you’re pointing to the same “Toronto, On” value I don’t see any reasons why it would be read differently.

It’s a Glide Page. Not sure why either - I figure it’s a bug

Yeah, if both map components are set up the same and it’s displayed differently then I think it’s a bug.

Please submit a ticket if that’s the case.

I second this issue. Max zoom for a map is just unworkable. User’s don’t understand that it’s even a map, because it’s unrecognizable. It looks like a glitch or unloadable image.

I should note that this is the case when there is one map point being displayed. If there are two map points being displayed at the same time, then the map is zoomed to fit both at once.

I have the same issue. I’d be nice to have a fix for this.