Glide Pages - Start screen with Mapbox Integration

I love the new MapBox Integration for Glide Pages. Go team Glide!

I have since long been using MapBox in my Ecolimburg app and it works perfectly.
When I tested it out in my Ecolimburg Glide Page, however, I noticed that the map zooms in on San Francisco, even though al the coordinates I provide are in Belgium.
This only happens when I open my Ecolimburg Glide Page on my iPhone, not when I open it on my desktop.

Is there some setting I need to change to let the map zoom in on the locations I provide? I added a screen video of my phone to demonstrate the problem.

Have a nice day y’all!
RPReplay_Final1663744815 (1)


Please submit a ticket here so the support team can look more into your problem. Thanks!

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Yep I have exactly the same issue.

Defaults to San Francisco even though no address registered in San Francisco, all columns correctly mapped, just haven’t had time to report it as a bug.

In the meantime had to turn off the map as users complaining.

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Thank you for the link. I submitted a ticket.

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Same problem here.

In september I submitted a ticket for the original problem.
I just made a new ticket since now there is an extra problem on top of the one above:

It now only shows a small part of the pins. In the screen recording you can see how much more pins are shown in the app versus the page version. Even though all boxes are checked as expected in the data editor so nothing should be filtered.

I currently have exactly the same problem on my application

I found that if you put the phone in landscape mode the display is fine in fact the problem only appears when the phone is in portrait mode.

Have you heard anything about your ticket?

We just raised this again with the team. They will look further into it in the next few days, I believe.