Map doesn't show in Pages, shows in "classic" with same data

Request to get support.
Support link: Glide

After starting a new project in Glide Pages, I don’t see a map anymore. I only see a gray area. The data column (a template column) in a Glide table from which the address is built consists of: street, postal code, city, province, country.

If I use the same data in a newly launched “classic” app with the Glide table shared, the map works. This, in addition to the fact that I have already built several applications with a working card, supports my suspicion that I have not made a mistake.

In addition; when I copy the template app “delivery” to my account I don’t see a map either. Obviously that template was not built by me and I assume that the maker has tested a few things.

Would Glide support be so kind as to take a look at this issue?

I tested with:
iPhone, latest firmware; chrome & safari web browser.
Android phone, latest firmware: Chrome and Firefox web browser
MacOS; latest firmware: Chrome and Firefox web browser.

Yours sincerely,
Ronald Klop

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As noted on the other thread, I would like to know more about this as well. I started using a new browser recently (Arc) and it works, but it doesn’t work for Chrome.

Today i tested again also with suggestions from Kathy:

To copy the Glide template Delivery into a new created map on my account.
To copy the Glide template Delivery into a new created account.
Simple; Just a preview of the Delivery template.

In ALL situations the map is NOT showing. Only a grey area where the map is supposed to be.

Chromebook 1 & Chromebook 2; both with the latest firmware
Chrome browser with all cookies deleted (fresh as a baby) - Logged in to glide, account 1 & 2
Chrome browser with incognito screen - Logged in to glide, account 1 & 2
Newly installed Firefox browser.

Glide Support… please pick this up.

Regards, Ronald

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Glide support; please pick this up.

Bug: the map in pages isn’t showing when the chrome browser is in the dutch language.

Temporary solution: change the language of the chrome browser to English.

Support: please fix.

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