Glide pages - Map


Is it just me or are maps not working in Pages?

/ Jonas, Sweden

Are you using Chrome? Have you tried opening that same app on another browser?

Thanks, that would have been great, but unfortunately it didn’t work.

I tryed this

But i think it is something els. Maps a just blank i Pages but works fine in Apps.

Same issue on both mobile and computer…hmm :thinking:

I am experiencing the same issue and thought it’s just my lack of knowledge.

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@tristan @Ivo_Elbert Can you check this issue? Thank you!

Hhmmmm it’s working fine for me. Do you have some Page where it’s broken? If so, can I have a support link?

That’s weird, thanks for checking. As the picture above - the map i blank i this link:

It does feel like something’s wrong specifically with Chrome for me.

On Arc browser.

On Chrome.