Glide Pages - MapBox Integration as is in Glide Apps

Hi! We are building a Real Estate platform and desperately need a any kind of map integrated, as it is in the Glide Apps. Currently, we have to make do with “See on Google Maps” button everywhere.

Hopefully this feature will be added.


Maybe :thinking:

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Did you have any answer on the support about that feature on Glide Pages ?

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There’s no ETA for this feature, as far as I aware.

Also really need Map component for Pages…hope this can be added soon. Thank you.


I am also looking forward to this feature. I am hoping it will come soon. If anyone is working on this, I would be very happy!

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Yes, please bring the map to Glide Pages !!!


coming from bubble to glideapps, this is pretty much the decision maker for me…

We have web embed for pages now. I’m sure maps and charts aren’t too far behind. For now, you can embed a map at least.