Glide Page - Maps component not centering on location

I have a Glide Pages App and have added a map component on which I show multiple locations.
However it doesn’t adapt the zoom level / center location to show all locations upon logging in.
It just shows San Francisco …

In the Glide Apps this is working however I understood these will be phased out … and replaced by Glide Pages in the future.

I made a movie of it in case the description is not clear: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

It is centering on my phone if I only have one location connected to the maps component. However in the webview even with only 1 location visualized on the map it doesn’t center and just stays focused on San Francisco.

Am I missing something or is this a bug?

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Related :point_down:

I don’t believe it is fixed, yet……(I don’t know when it will be fixed either :disappointed:)

Please Gliders, give feedback on ongoing issues like this!

Yes, I don’t know; is Glide going to continue to fix bugs in Apps (maintain the product)? I know they don’t plan any new features.

Ok thanks I saw that thread’s title but based on the title it seemed to be something different. Should we switch our conversation to this topic?

my issue is related to Glide Pages. In Glide Apps it’s actually working but I’d prefer to start with Pages since App’s will be discontinued.



Thanks, David

The bug is in pages, not apps :disappointed:

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Ya…this has been a long-standing issue (since last October?). @jason and team are aware as far as I know.


Here is a link to the solutions. Shout if this doesn’t answer the problem correctly.

I’m surprised to hear this, may i ask where you heard this news. Glide Apps and Pages both have their unique benefits, hope they continue supporting Apps.

Also, watch the below video:


Thanks for this👍

Hi Darren, i’m bummed that i didn’t get notified to watch this live, i’ve subscribed to the webinars and newsletters, how can i receive notifications for future events like this before they happen? Suffering from a real case of FOMO here! Please let me know👍

Normally these types of events will be announced here in the community well ahead of time. I guess my advice would be to check the #announcements section regularly.

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Awesome, will do that👍

This problem makes Pages unusable for us as the Map component is a central component. To reiterate, the Pages Map works fine on desktop, but on mobile it centers on the Bay Area, not the map location needed. @jason