Map Display Error

Hello Team,

I’m trying to use a map in my app to point out some spots based on coordinates.

Everything works well, I just face the following problem.

My points are on an island, so when the map is zoomed out (island-level) many points that are near the sea appear like they are somewhere on the sea. If you zoom in, they appear correctly.

Is this something that can be fixed? I’m not sure whether it’s a bug coming from mapbox or not, but I’d really like to have my spots appear over the island.

I have attached two images, and point out the difference for a particular spot when zoomed in and out.

Thanks a lot!


Hey @SpyrosTsouk - i think i myself have seen and faced this issue too in my implementation of the map on my app. I have seen that if you use a slightly zoomed-out setting while displaying the map this is an obvious “bug” or improper representation of where the pin is. I have kind of started to live with it as it doesn’t impact functionally anything that we want to achieve out of this component on the app. But at times I feel it could be the issue with the Mapbox rather than glide itself. I would let the Glide experts team comment on it further.


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Hi @SpyrosTsouk ,

Not sure of your specific use case but I also rely on maps a lot in my app (part of the reason I love Glide) and in my use case, the initial zoomed out view is more of a visual look that conveys an emotion vs real hard factual representation. I then have another view where it’s zoomed in and very accurate when a user really needs that precision. So if it makes you feel any better, if I were say, looking for an AirBnB in Hawaii, while it might look weird that a coordinate is slightly on the ocean, I would just assume it’s due to the zoom and just zoom in closer for clarity. Now if you do need that accuracy at every level, have you looked at ArcGIS? It’s the mapping software that many city and state municipalities use for their demographic research/reporting/etc.

They have a free tier and it’s very powerful. I haven’t tried it yet but perhaps you could set up a map there, get the public url link and stick that in a web view within Glide??

Good luck!