Files getting lost while uploading using file picker component

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Team ID: : 8rQ4DBodMBdDb08EoJkS

App ID: : qHuL7GrTFStnbLIAfH7W

When uploading pdf files from file picker component to multiple files column in glide table, randomly 3-4 files are getting lost when I am uploading 10 files. Even when I am uploading 5 files 1-2 files are getting loast and not getting uploaded

Can you record a video of the problem? How large are those files?

Here is the video Loom Message - 7 July 2024 | Loom

I uploaded just 7 files here, and the system is showing just 5 of these. The files less than 1 MB, somewhat around 700 - 800 KB. My users will have to share around 25-30 files at one go according to our business use case, but current they are not able to share even 5

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