Images disappearing in multi-image picker

Hello everyone,

I’ve got an issue with the multiple image picker: sometimes, one or more of the images disappear.

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When I open the image picker, and uploade 5 or more images, each of the images has a progress bar that increases, but at the end of this progression some images disappear from the list.

How to replicate
You can find here a Replay of this issue:

Let me know if you need more information about it.

Thank you very much!

So in your Replay test, you uploaded more than 10 images?

@ThinhDinh indeed, is it a problem?
I’ve tried this a few times, and sometimes all 11 images load. I don’t think the issue comes from the number of images.

To complete the picture, here are two videos I took on an iPhone X.

(Eagle eyes will have noticed that this is not the same application. It was before I simplified it to make it shareable.)

Nope, not saying that uploading more than 10 is a problem. I now realized the problem looking again at the Replay record.

Assuming you have enough storage, then it’s indeed a bug. Please submit a ticket.

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