Numerous files can't be uploaded at once - Major Bug

Describe the bug:
Currently, you can only upload one file at a time in Glide.

Can we please get this bug fixed ASAP in Glide?

Expected Behaviour:
You should be able to drag and drop or upload as many files at a time as you want.

How to replicate:
You can only upload one document at a time, which is hurting everyone’s experience within Glide. Allowing multiple files at once could save years of users’ lives.

See screenshot below!


@Darren_Murphy I can’t reply to your message so I’ll post it here. No one has responded to my post and nothing has been done about the feature request from almost 2 years ago. With the issue that it causes it can be classified as a bug. It’s not overly complex to fix this bug. The whole Glide community would greatly appreciate this fix! I’ll vote on the original request and add my comments there. Hopefully that will will make a difference! Thank you

This is not a bug, it’s a missing feature.

I see that you already created a feature request for this:

Which is actually a duplicate of an existing feature request:

Having duplicate feature requests splits the votes on the requests and can result in a disjointed discussion, so we prefer to keep all the discussion regarding a single request/topic in a single thread.

Recommend that you vote for the original request, and add your comments there.

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