Users can't sign-up optionally anymore. ("allow users to request access" is gone)

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Describe the bug:

  • New users can’t sign up for the app anymore without a personal invite.

Expected behavior:

  • People should be able to sign-up themselves (but also to use the public interface of the app)

How to replicate:

  • In the builder under “settings” the “allow users to request access” is gone. Also the option of a public app with optional sign-up seems to be completely gone.

Can you show screenshots of your Privacy settings as well as your Users & Authentication settings.

Hi @Jeff_Hager

Does this help?

It’s there.

Seems that you purposely have it set to not allow sign in.

Also there but inactive due to prior settings.

If you change to Optional Sign In, does the ‘Allow User to Request Access’ option become available?

Oh wow. I’m sorry. This is exactly what i was looking for. Thanks @Jeff_Hager , problem solved.

Have a great evening!
Best, Raphael

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