How do i enable Access request?

Seems as Access request looping? i can’t seem to enable it. What am I missing?
Similar to what I am really looking for is the Signup Button. But this access request might help me?
Thank you for any insights on any of these topics.

What do you mean by "looping’?

What are your Privacy Settings? Do you have “Users in the users table” selected?

Do you mean this? It’s a bit confusing about what is required.

This is my privacy settings

No, this:

That’s why you can’t enable it. Because you are already allowing anyone to sign in. So enabling access requests with those privacy settings makes no sense.

i guess it comes down to what the best practice is to allow users to sign up? Glide has changed drastically since I was here.

Yes, it’s changed a lot and this part of it in particular has been greatly improved (although it could still be better).

But fundamentally, allowing users to request access only makes sense if your app is private. If your app is not private, that means anyone can sign in, and therefore having a “request access” option would be completely superfluous.

Understood. So let’s say i make this completely open. How do I set the user’s row when entering data, In anyone mode? I literally had this setup and its broken now.

what topic do I search for?

Not sure I understand what you mean by that. Would you mind elaborating a bit, or provide an example of what you mean?

Sure. when the app settings are public> Optional Sign in> Anyone> (if the user is not signed in), then any data entered won’t work well in the DataBase with glide. As you know glide does not know what row to put it into. That being said how do I bypass that in this mode? I am planning to use it as a registration form. Without using forms, since I want it looking nice with a few pages of sign ups…

This is how I had it looking before making this change. From Sign in to “optional sign-in > Anyone”

Okay, so if you have optional sign in, that suggests that you would have areas of your App that are open to anyone without being registered/signed in, yes?

For your onboarding flow, you’ll only want to show that once a user actually signs in. So lets say you have a “Profile Complete” boolean column in your user table that is checked once a new user completes the onboarding. What you could do is set the visibility for your onboarding screen as follows:

  • Email is signed in user not empty and Profile Complete is not checked

Users that are not signed in should never see it, as they won’t have a user profile row. But once they sign in, the onboarding screen should appear.

Obviously, you’d need complementary visibility conditions on all your other tabs. Essentially, you’d have 3 classes of screens/tabs:

  • Registered User Screens: only visible to registered users after they’ve completed onboarding
  • Onboarding Screens: only visible to signed in users that have not yet completed onboarding
  • Public Screens: visible to all users, regardless of their signed in status.

Normally, you’d hide the screens in the 1st and 3rd groups during onboarding.

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I believe i have that set up already, Have a look, The button is missing after switching to anyone.
The data field is completely empty.

In our case the following represents the onboarding, Register is empty or has a value. (We don’t have a value. )

Wait I think I found something that might be missing in this puzzle,

Row… In this case, i have no idea how to enter this.

This item does not work and the user profile also does not work.

Thank you for all your help, I went ahead and made a video that shows more in-depth of what I am facing. Sorry that the video is long. You may skip if needed. Again thank you for your help.

hehe, so while you were doing that I made a small sample App to demonstrate how you could set this up. In doing so, I realised that I gave you some bad advice earlier…

The visibility on that actually needs to be:

  • Email is not empty and Profile Complete not checked.

Anyway, here is the sample. It’s very simple and should be self-explanatory. You can copy it.

I just watched the start of it, and the first thing that jumps out at me is that you are trying to modify user profile values while viewing as anyone. That will never work.

You can only start your onboarding process once a user is signed in, and their user profile row has been created.

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That is correct. I love that a video can help us understand each other much more. i will start posting videos in the future. Assuming there is no way of doing it? Since the sign in page has no signup button. Should I make a video of what I mean :slight_smile: And the point of this is to make this app a public one. So there is really nothing you can do.? Anyway I am about to copy your app just in case I missed something that you are already showing me…

You can add a button anywhere in your App, and attach a Sign In action to it.

You’ll see that in my sample app. If the user is already signed in, the button won’t appear.

Yeah i noticed that. But i cant do anything on the second page. Try your link in live mode. When in edit mode I see that it just jumps to smith. on live mode, we are back to start with no way of a user being able to sign up.

wait your a genius. The issue here is that glide is misleading the sign-ups. I tried to sign in and I got in by logging in. I believe a feature request that helps with misleading LoginOnly Should be requested.

So you figured it out?

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