Problems Datetime in glide tables

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I have my table in Glide and a column called “FechaAprobacion” of type Date, from another process using the CallApi I fill this column, but the problem is that when displaying the information it is shown incorrectly, for example I register the date 08/05/204 10:36, but in the table visually it is shown as 5/8/2024 05:36, but when I double click on the record the date is displayed correctly, you have to edit the field directly in the table to fix it. What could be causing this problem?

This is the structure of the field

This is the API that is responsible for updating the value

Here we can notice how the date says 5/8/2024 which is incorrect

Here we can see that when the field is edited it shows the correct value 8/5/2024

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Are you expecting August 5th or May 8th? If dates are entered with an ambiguous format like that, it’s almost impossible for software to know what you meant, especially when it’s designed to work with both formats like Glide does. (DD/MM/YYYY and MM/DD/YYYY)

I recommend using a YYYY/MM/DD format which is internationally recognized, or better yet a full ISO 8601 standard date and time format.