How to open a support ticket?

How do we connect to Glide Support.

I’m here

and i can’t find any button to open a support ticket

Please note: the option to create a support ticket is only available if your App is in a Pro, Business or Enterprise Team. If you need help with a Billing Issue (on any plan), you should open a Billing Enquiry via the Glide Support Page.

To create a Support Ticket:

  • Open the App that is giving you problems, and go to Settings → Contact Support:

  • Glide will prompt you to create a support link for your App. Click on Create Link:

  • Select Open Support Ticket

  • Fill in the form and submit it.

After submitting the form, you will receive an email from Glide Support with a ticket number. If you have any further information to provide, you should reply to that email.


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@Darren_Murphy doing this process, I cant see this options Open Support Ticket

Which team plan do you have?

I tried in a free plan… but does this make any difference?

Yes. Only Pro Plans and above will see that option.

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This doesnt make sense… but ok