Glide API continues to cause issues (200 POST requests) not appearing in data editor

oh, yes… of course it’s not a Big Table if it’s connected to Airtable - duh :man_facepalming:

Okay, I guess this must be something specific to Airtable, which I’m not familiar with at all.
But regardless, I stand by the below statement:

It can’t be any other way, and I would be shocked to learn that it is.

Have you actually submitted a support ticket for this?
If you haven’t, you should. That’s the quickest way to get Glide Engineering eyes on the issue.
I’ll be interested to learn what the resolution is. I have to believe that it’s not typical. I use the Glide API extensively, and whilst there will sometimes be a short delay before new rows show up in the Data Editor, I’ve never seen an instance where they don’t arrive at all.

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