Need help on creating private chat

@Lisa thank you so soon much

Still getting used to Loom :grin: Hope this helps!


Thank you sooo much @Lisa

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Thanks @Lisa, that was very helpful.
(Great Loom video!)

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It worked and It was very easy

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Killer video, Lisa!


Thanks everyone. Glad this helps! :love_you_gesture:


Nice work @Lisa Thanks for sharing.

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Perfect @Lisa! Thanks for sharing

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Hi Lisa - I have 2 (hopefully) quick followup questions:

  1. I’m using Glide’s native lookup functionality to pull a user name into my “Private chat” sheet (Example in 1st screenshot: User relation 1 -> User name, User relation 2 -> User name), but for some reason, I can’t even access this data for use as the “title” element on my inline list of all chats (view featured in screenshot and orange circles indicate where I’m trying to place a user’s name). Any idea what I’m doing wrong, or if there’s an easier way to implement user names as titles in a list?

  2. How have you managed to show the OTHER user’s profile image and info in this list view (I send you a chat, you see my profile image while I see yours)?

Is your relation Multiple?

This was the thing I struggled with when I created this same type of chat, admittedly I didn’t have time to think about it thoroughly at that time so any ideas would be welcomed. Thank you in advance.

Maybe an if/then column that checks if user1=me, then user2 image else user1 image.

Thanks Jeff, but what I am thinking now is that If > Then column will be static and does not change based on which user is logged in. Maybe I’m missing something here and will need to try that again when I have time.

In a private chat, only 2 people are in the array user columns. I’m thinking that if you compare each the user1 column to the user profile user, it should dynamically work based on who is logged in. And since the user should only see chats that pertain to them, it should work.


I think this may be the path forward. I attempted something like this, and wasn’t quiiite able to nail down the logic. Maybe with fresh eyes, tomorrow.

On “is the relation Multiple?” - Not sure I follow, Jeff.
I have a User 1 Relation and a User 2 Relation, and it seems I have both of those set to match multiple…

If you have the relation set to multiple, then the lookup will try to pull back multiple and you can’t use that value in a single value component. You need to change your relations to single, since I assume you would never have multiple matches anyway.

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Hmm… switching it broke some other functionality. I may have to disassemble things and rebuild to figure out where the issue is coming from.

May we ask what functionalities are broken by changing it to a single relation? As Jeff said, I assumed you will only need a single relation here.

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I used two different inline lists to accomplish users seeing the other users in the chat versus seeing themselves. See screenshots below.