Per-User-Data Chat/Messaging Features

  1. Does the per-user-data apply for the chat feature yet? For example, as the app creator and conference event coordinator, is there an option for the attendees to ONLY contact me using the chat feature where the conversation would be private (like text messaging)?

  2. In addition, if we clicked an “on/off” button could this also be offered among attendees? Let’s say Paul wants to message Ralph directly without me on the chat app. Is that possible? If not, I would love this feature! The on/off button would be helpful too cause sometimes I would not want to offer this feature and other times I might not.

This would integrate nicely with the notifications feature I already saw your team was planning to offer!


We plan to add the ability for app users to message privately with the app owner, and likely with each other. We will have to build this, though — it’s not something you can accomplish with existing features.


Thanks for the quick response! I’ll look forward to the feature whenever it comes! :slight_smile:


+1 for this feature request!


do you know where this is in the product roadmap?

It’s not planned. It will likely be at least six months.

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Me too!

This is possible as long as you have a page in your app that only 2 users have filtered access to and you use the comments component.

Like this one:

Available from the template store:


Cool! Can this work between users as well?

Between users? The chat is between users, yes.

Okk! Thanks! and is the ‘enter a topic’ and ‘select user’, user-specific columns?

Do all messages get stored in the sheet?

They are not user specific—they’re form submissions. All messages are stored in the App: Comments sheet.

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Doesn’t that sheet get super packed?

Only if people are very talkative. :wink:

haha ok! What do you do if you have like 2,000 users? This is one reason why I’m weary of making the entire app login based. From Favorites to chat, etc. Sounds like alot of rows to me.

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Anything like App: Logins or App: Comments are purely log sheets. Glide creates them, but they don’t use them and they don’t count against rows. You are free to clear them out periodically and it won’t affect anything in your app. All that stuff is stored internally within glide.


Good to know. Thanks!

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Ya…but doesn’t count against your row quota!

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Thanks! OK I figured out the form, one question I had, can I choose where the user ends up after hitting the submit button? I would like for them to stay on the same form page.

I’m trying to figure out how you created the list of people the user is in a chat with and the following page once you click on a correspondence.