Per-User-Data Chat/Messaging Features

No, a form submit will only take you back to the screen with the form button.

Those are just filtered lists or a list built from a relation that’s built from an array column.

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Ok thanks!!

My question is how to filter that if many businesses will send a message to the same business. So it can’t be the recipient that’s only computed in a relation. Maybe the sender and recipient have to be factored in?

The chat sheet I have displays the chats in order of when they are sent no matter who sends it so it gets a little confusing with different senders and recipients in each row.

I will try a relation with sender and recipient columns and make that a list and see if it works. Thanks! If that works I may need help figuring out that second page with the actual chat on it :slight_smile:

hi @Robert_Petitto, is it easy to integrate this template to an existing glideapp ?

It wouldn’t be terribly difficult to recreate it. Unfortunately, you can’t merge apps together or import portion of an app into another so you’d have to rebuild it.

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Thanks! I did manage to recreate it just now. However still looking for a solution to allow users to delete a chat (not a comment in chat, the whole open chat)

If you’re creating a Sheets line for each chat then allow deleting for the screen would delete the whole chat. Is that the setup you have?

Yes sheets lines are created for each comment, topic by topic.
Here the UI at the moment

So I suppose you can allow deleting for the item so the chat would be deleted.

how would you allow a user to delete?

Enable editing for that chat item and enable deleting.


awesome, works wonders thank you


nice looking app :+1: :+1: :+1:

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