Separate Conversations for Chat

Is there a way to have chat conversations be separated per user-admin exchange? I understand the chat feature now only appends all chats from all users into one general conversation, which doesn’t do much for privacy or focused conversations at the least. Hoping for an in-app solution or workaround. Thank you.

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Hi Yosef,

You can take a look at this app by Robert.

Thank you for the reply. Although I think what you mentioned is for a different scenario. I’m creating a contacts directory for financing institutions and added a Chat tab to the Menu. Chats are visible to all users, so conversations don’t have privacy or focus because random users can just send in another chat in the conversation. It can become very confusing for users and me as admin later on if there’s no way to separate conversations per user. That’s somewhat my dilemma. Thanks again for the reply.

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I think he meant to reference this app:

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Thanks Robert, definitely meant to refer to the Messenger one.

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Hi, Robert,
i want to make classified, for one side will be sellers, for other buyers. Buyers and sellers woll communicate with each other.
I need to add opportunity to chat in sellers profile. For example: i am buyer i choose any shop and i want to communicate with the shop
could you tell me, have glide such function.
That i see in video looks relevant but very complicated

“Chatting” within Glide isn’t the prettiest experience, but it’s possible.

I have a couple templates that allow for 1:1 chats. You’d just need to figure out when buyers can communicate with vendors.


You need to find a way to start a chat by creating a new chat sheet and then adding a row to it through either a form button or an add row action on a button. That new row would have a unique id to use as the topic for a comments component, an Item ID column for the item being sold and an array of columns (‘Email1’, ‘Email 2’) which would show up in the glide data editor as a combined Email column. You would fill the email 1 and email 2 columns with the user email and the seller’s email. You can then set that combined Email array column as the row owner so only those 2 users would have access to that row in the chat sheet. In the end, you will need to design your app to display a list from the chat sheet under the details of the items being sold, or possibly on a separate tab for the seller to be able to see all chats.

Long story short, one-on-one chat is not a simple plug in solution. What you need to do is set it up so only those two users can see and access that row from the chat sheet wherever you want it in your app. It is slightly complicated, but if you begin to understand the concept that you need to design your app in a way that makes something visible only to those who should be seeing it, then it’s easy to achieve a one-on-one chat.

There can be a lot of aspects to consider depending on how you want everything to work and flow in your app, but a lot of it is possible if you begin to understand your end goal and work backwards from there to determine what you need to reach that end goal.