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No, you can’t do anything customized with that tab.

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ok, can I implement chat functionality in a different way?

not able to find where the chat is stored. maybe more senior users here can help?

Ok, different question: How can I get the news entry time stamp to display nicely like this >> 09.08.2021 16:12:57 instead of this >> 2021-08-09T16:12:56.841Z ?? :crazy_face:


Change date format to “short” will do?

Check this out if you want a 1v1 chat.

If you want a global chat you won’t be able to get the same left - right effect. If you want to simply display it as a list add a sheet to store your comments. It will consume your row count though.

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Ah perfect - mine was set to text :see_no_evil:

Thanks a lot, will have a look!

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When I add inline list to have the ability to add rich text (CSS), I have lost the ability for user to select to show map and also the favorite column. How do I bring these two back?

above is image show inline list and the map option is missing in user’s area, while below image has red button (directly using map without inline list)

When using the map style layout on an inline list in a details style view, you must choose either the map view or the list view. You can’t have the button to switch between the two like you can when the tab itself is using the map style layout. I don’t know why this is the case, but I believe that it’s some sort of technical limitation.

You can do it yourself with two inline lists, and a choice component, or a floating button with a custom action that would flip a value back and forth and then you would set visibility of each list based on that value.

I have an old example of something like that here in the food/activities tab.

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thanks. How about “Favorites” I would like to restore that also.

This topic reminds me of this feature request :

Please support the request by voting for it.


It would be the same thing. A horizontal choice component and visibility on two inline lists.

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Still a bit confused Jeff…
I have setup two inline lists one for “Favorites” and one for “All”. So the choice component will be placed to a user specific text column. If user select favorites then it should go to list A (for example) and All go to list B. What action do I use to switch between the list? If-then-else?

You don’t need an action, you just set the visibility condition of each list based on the value of the User Specific column.

You’ll need to cater for the case where the User Specific column is empty (initial state), but you can use that to set a default view. So for example, let’s say you want “Favourites” as the default, set the visibility on that list to be where usc is empty OR usc is Favourites, and set the other one to be where usc is All


Understand now. Thanks

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I don’t. I’m still struggling. Maybe you can show me once you implemented it?

@ThinhDinh initially said I need to create a user specific column in my sheet (which is my staff sheet), so I set the “Is Favorited” to be user specific and added another column to write to, so I created a “Favorites” column in the same sheet and made it user specific as well (does it have to be boolean?). I then added a horizontal choice component to my two inline lists (one of them filtered by “Is Favorited is true” to show my selection). But instead of showing two options, the choice button tends to show four options, probably because I have two user specific columns? Do I have to set up a new sheet for this operation or get rid of one of the columns?

I played around with inline list visibilities as advised by @Jeff_Hager, but the maximum I can achieve with this setup is that one tab shows all staff entries while the second tab, which is supposed to show Favorites only, shows ALL staff members PLUS the Favorites, so it basically shows both inlines lists. I can’t turn off the regular list (ALL) with the non-favorite staff members. So apparently I’m doing something fundamentally wrong. :woozy_face:

Are you willing to share a copy of your app?
One of us could fix that quite quickly for you, I’d expect

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See if can make you a short video

Can’t share yet. It currently contains private data and it will remain a private app, but I’m planning to publish a copy with dummy data once done. I have to exchange the data, before I can share it. I’ll give myself another day to figure this out, but if I don’t succeed, I’ll happily accept your kind offer! :sweat_smile: