Dual Chat Feature in Directory Template App

Hi There,

I’m new to the glide app and was exploring the directory app template.
Is there a way where you can create a general chat message area for all members and also a one on one chat feature with a selected member in the same app? like you click on a member and you can chat them in the app?

Did not see any info in reference to this. Any info provided would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Darell, you can create the 1v1 chat with this workaround (the excellent video and the discussion in the thread).

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Hi ThinhDinh, thanks so much for the prompt response and info, will definitely check it out and again appreciate your willingness to help!


Let me know if I can help with setting this up for you.


Hey, @ThinhDinh. Do you think it’d be possible to set something like this up: using the chat feature referenced in this thread, if User1 and User2 requests to chat with User3 and User3 has accepted their request, do you think there’d be an easy way for User3 to send the same message to User1 and User2 at the same time?

I’m trying to see if there’s a way for “notifications” or “updates” to be sent to those users who requested chat with the same “main user” (User3).

Thanks for any input.

If they all become part of the same chat, then all three of them will be able to communicate with each other because they are all sharing the same comments component linked to the same topic is. Unless you are saying that each user initiated separate chats with the same user3, but you want the response from user3 to go to both user 1 and user 2? Then I don’t think it will work because a comments component needs to be linked to a single topic I’d. All participants would need to be viewing the same topic and they would all see each other’s comments.

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@Jeff_Hager, that would work - essentially, user1 and user2 “signing up” for notifications from user3 and when user3 wants to send something out, they are able to send one message to any users who’ve signed up (opted in) to receive them. So yes, essentially, User3 would send one topic to all chat users at once. Is this possible if chat is currently set up with a user1 requesting to chat with user3 and user3 accepting that request, thus opening up the lines of communication?

If it works as a notification-like set up then I think it’s possible.

Have a user-specific column to store the follow/unfollow status in the user profiles sheet.

Have a sheet to store the “Notifications” User3 or whoever wants to send to his/her followers.

In Glide, make a relation & lookup to return the follow/unfollow status of the signed-in user to each “notification”, then show them ones where the value is True.

As long as you set it up so the comments component shares the same topic among all users, then it will work. Maybe the topic can be the User3 email address.