๐Ÿ†• UPDATED Glidegram - social media app (follow/unfollow, unread messages & more)

Beautiful App Lisa,
I was wondering if at some time in the feature there would be a share button?
Thanks, Chris

Thanks @Chris_Palmore!

Can you give more detail on what you mean by share button? What would you envision users being able to share with the button?

Hi Lisa, Thanks for responding.
I run Gratitudespace.com. For example, If I were to buy your design, Iโ€™d want to make it a positive and gratitude only post place. The design of everything that I post or initiate out into the world is the element of sharing it on other platforms. So for example, if someone shared a picture of a handwritten letter to someone, they then would share it with that person or post it on the persons social media feed on twitter or Facebook. Basically what Facebook and Instagram do right now. Iโ€™ve thought about this and maybe this isnโ€™t possible because you are using spreadsheets and not individual URLs. Iโ€™m curious to hear your thoughts.
Thanks, Chris

I did build this today and love it: https://lnqqa.glideapp.io/
Amazing software you all have produced!

Thanks Chris,

I think what youโ€™re describing is deep linking, and youโ€™re right - at this time Glide does not have that functionality.

However, this is on the teamโ€™s road map. There are a few threads out there about this, but here is one:


Hello Lisa,

Great work, I really like the design and features you added !
Iโ€™m trying out glide for some app :slight_smile: And I would like to add a direct message functionnality. Could you share what you have done here or explain it a little bit further (Iโ€™m not really technichal, sorry)

Thank you for your time and, again, great work !

Thank you @Paquerette!

See the thread below for a video tutorial I did on creating 1:1 chat.

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Thanks a lot ! I didnโ€™t see this other topic :blush:

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This is really well done! Thanks for sharing!

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One question Lisa:
How not to create a new chat each time the user click on โ€œsending a chat formโ€ ?

I suppose the method Lisa taught us was designed so that each new topic creates a new discussion, kind of what we have here on Discourse but not what you expect. You want something like Messenger where there is only one 1v1 discussion between two users, right?

In that case, I think we can use some logic to hide the โ€œSending a chat formโ€ button when a discussion has been kicked off. An idea is to have a template column joining the email of signed-in user and the second user, then have the same template column in the โ€œTopicsโ€ sheet. Make a relation column matching them, if the relation is not empty then donโ€™t show the button.


Yes exactly, it is for a one to one chat between users, like messenger.

I made the template column in the topic sheet.
But how can I create a row in the user sheet?

Edit : Solved !

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Great app!!! Keep it up!

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Hi Lisa, rather new to Glide. Thanks for archiving your chat video. Iโ€™m keen to do something of the sort. Would you mind explaining how you populated the various columns you declared? It probably has something to do with setting up user accounts. If so, how did you achieve the dummy accounts? Basic question for an expert :wink: Thx for any suggestions and setup videos you may think are helpful. Have a blessed day. - EBU

Oh, sheet!
Lisa, have you changed the link?

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The same thing appears to me too.

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Yes! Working on and updated version :muscle:


@Lisa testing Double Click to Like with our new compound actions


This is next-level :star_struck:

Compound actions are making everything better!


Hey @Lucas_Pires

Would you explain how you achieved this?

It looks awesome.

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Increment on the like number column + show notification, it seems.