Make chat option private

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Yeah it looks really cool, so is there way to change the current chat into a direct messenger one?

Can’t change it…but you can hide it and then build your own. Here’s the one I built:


Please for for this feature here:

everytime I click one of your apps I have to sign up with my email - it’s like some dodgy funnel you lot have gpt going on :tired_face:

Hi @Jack_London…the majority of Glide apps that require any sort of user customization, user profile (including messaging), etc. requires that users sign into the app. If you’re hesitant about giving away personal identification in order to test out an app, then I recommend creating an anonymous email address for the sole purpose of testing Glide apps.


This will help all thanks to @Lisa

Watch @Lisa last video

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Hey! Great messenger-type app… is there screenshots or steps to how your spreadsheet or behind the scenes app layout? Trying to do something similar.

@XL-STEAMS I don’t know which app you are talking about, or if you meant this for me. I only shared a couple of other posts. There are quite a few posts on this subject and the one that @Glider shared above is pretty descriptive. If you are referring to the app buried in some of the conversations linked to in my April post, then that app is already able to be copied, so you can copy and see how it works.

The app is full delete some notes please

Me? Which app? What notes?

concepts app

The notes when i copied it it was full and i had to delete some notes @Jeff_Hager

The link I posted above has 3 rows total at this moment. If you are talking about the original concepts app and you have a copy, you can delete what you want from that copy. It’s yours.

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Hello is there a spreadsheet or screenshots of one that would help us build one?

Hi Robert, is this app copyable or a look at the glide data editor?

My messenger app is in the template store (but I recommend waiting — if Glide approves my group messaging template, then I’m going to lower the cost of this template).


Hi Robert,
just came across your example of a 1:1 chat app.

I do assume, that you make the chat rows private with row ownership on an array column holding the email addresses of the sender and receiver when the chat record is created, right?

But then you would need to have the email addresses of all potential receivers accessible in the app which could be visible with some tricks, even if they are not shown in any list.

Would there be a way to never expose those email addresses in any way?

Thank you for your ideas.

Good call. I should redo my app template to instead use rowIDs rather than emails. I’ll let you know when the concept is complete.

In the meantime I’ve found a solution with action and lookup function in google sheets inspired by some tutorials by @ThinhDinh

How I do it in a app where customers can order items from sellers:
when the user orders something through an action a new row in table orders is created and adds his email to the a row owner column and the seller’s rowID (which is linked to the product anyway) to another column X.

then an array function in google sheet takes value in X and pulls the sellers email through a lookup in the table sellers into the second row owner column, hence this order record is only visibly by the two parties

@Robert_Petitto I think this could also apply to private chat messages and the email data of all people can stay in the sheets.

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