Urgent: suddenly downgraded to legacy free plan

Something happened and my plan is suddenly on the legacy free plan even though I paid over $800 for the business plan last month.

All of my apps are offline, my support email was rejected because it says I’m on free, and there’s no way to submit through the app.

This needs to get fixed now, please!

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Same issues here this is very frustrating we have business to run

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Same here, payments are up to date. Was working on it when all of a sudden it crashed. Can’t even load the builder now.

I’m in exactly the same situation as you.
With this, even though you are paying for it, you will be temporarily unable to use it every time a bug occurs in glide.
In order to avoid distrust among customers, the operator should either refrain from downgrading without permission, or fix it so that it will not be affected by the limit even if it is downgraded without permission.

Even though I should have been able to pay for the pro plan, it switches to the free plan

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I went in to export the data but it only downloads and shows 25 rows… wont be happy if the data is erased…

Glide may be under a DDOS attack right now – we’re blocking the attacking traffic then will look into these issues. They may be related.

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Same thing happened to me. I’m on the business plan with several client apps and an extremely important pitch tomorrow. Please find a solutions asap.

Well this isn’t good. Like many of you here, I run my entire business from Glide…

Do we have an ETA on when this getting resolved?

The billing plan info is being blocked by the attack traffic – your accounts are not actually downgraded. We’re working now to resume the service.

We stopped much of the attack – please let me know your plans are back to expected. Services are slowly restoring.


Working good right now @david pacific hemisphere, just 5 or 10 minutes down

It seems that the issue of restrictions due to downgrades has not been resolved yet.

My apps are still not working and my account keeps asking me to upgrade from the ‘legacy plan’

Same here. Restrictions due to downgrades so things not working. Hopefully it will be restored soon.

Alright, we are looking into this still.

  1. Restriction issues continue.
    2.The user is not aware that it was created with glide.

I think both are purchased by paying a fee.
2 shows that this is glide, especially to the users we have acquired so far.

I was planning on moving to a business plan, but I shudder to think that this will happen every time.

Please give me your team IDs.

Jin’s Team

That’s a team name. A team id is in your dashboard URL like this:



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