Urgent, Account downgraded

Hi All, Darren Murphy has been trying to help me but I thought I would start this thread. My Business account has been downgraded to Free overnight without my asking. Usage won’t load, Billing won’t load, users can’t edit content and all the features I needed and paid for at the business level have gone. We were very close to launch, any ideas on how to get support or help at this time?

Tagging all relevant people here I think can help.


What is the issue that you are facing? What error are you getting when you are trying to upgrade the account?

You will need to open a ticket. Even if it’s a free plan you can open a billing ticket.

Accounts are only downgraded when your payments have failed for weeks. All you need to do to resume service is click ‘Upgrade’ and pay for Glide.

I don’t see your email in our system. If you can give me the email address of someone on the team I’ll check why you can’t access billing. You need to be an admin to access this.

Hi David, @david @BrettH thanks for the reply. My account e-mail is strategiqmarketing@gmail.com I am the admin of the account. Att is our payment history, the account is in good standing and was just paid on the 27/12 recurring. When I say can’t access billing or usage, no data shows, the loading icon just spins endlessly on billing and usage. All of my apps have lost the ability for users to edit in the Glide app (deployed apps on devices still work but not in Glide or on desktop) I did try to open a ticket but all the links sent me to community help, I managed to get one to billing with outage as the subject line but haven’t heard back, I totally appreciate the date guys. Sorry for the panic but we were having a startup event over the holiday break and I’m a bit nervous, Glide is fantastic, it’s the centrepiece tec of our startup biz.
The only thing I did yesterday that was any different than the last couple of months was enable “White Lable” on one App ( Catnip)
![Screenshot 2024-01-01 at 4.33.26 am|502x500]


Just checked and it looks like everything is working – perhaps someone from our support team sorted it out on your ticket.


Hi David, thanks so much, I just checked as well then and it seems to be back, phew! I can see billing and users again and there is a payment on 1/1/24 for $0 so I’m guessing one of the team put that through and it came back. Have you ever seen this kind of prob before? Sorry for the panic on NYE, Glide is an amazing platform, we have a couple of big projects for 24 and couldn’t do them without it.
Thanks again for your help :grinning: :heart:Glide