Downgrade from Business version to PRO

Hey guys,
We were taking advantage of the free trial from the Business Version, to experiment some of the PRO features while creating the solution for a client, however we already know that the PRO version is what we need for now.

How can I downgrade from the business version to pro?
I don’t find a way to do it, and already have a message for a 249€ bill.

Please help!
Thank you in advance

Is there an option to change the plan on the Billing section of your Team?

In the billing section, I have a “Contact support” area, however when I click it open a new page with a chatbot and some options on the side, and one of them is about billing.
If I access that option, i’m opening a new page with a form, but… It’s only for the Free, Start, Basic, and non profit plan.
And It says:

Note this form should only be used to report billing related issues for Free, Starter, Basic or Non-Profit plans.

  • For all other issues please ask your question on the Community Forum.
  • If you have a Pro or above subscription plan, you can get help from within Glide when logged into your account. Select the ? icon, and then select Support.

When I go to the ? icon, and select support, I’m opening the same page with the options and the chat bot, with the billing option that take me to the same previous page that is not for PRO or Business users.

That’s why i’m at the other option that is " for all other issues please ask your question on the community forum!"


Do you not also see an option to change plan, like below?

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Hi Darren,
I would love to say yes!

But, No! =)

Okay, I see.

I’m not 100% sure, but I suspect that you may not have the option to cancel/change plan because the subscription payment has not been made.

What you can probably do is complete the payment and then immediately downgrade. Glide should give you a credit when you downgrade.

Fortunely We received an email from Glide, and they have reset our account, allowing us to donwgrade to PRO.!
We already launched an MVP and hopefully we will start a new project in August!

Thank you for your help!

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