Glide tells me to upgrade to Business Plan. I don't know why!?

Hello Everyone
When I open my Project Glide tells me to upgrade to Business Plan.
Screenshot 2023-09-04 180023

I haven’t change anything for the last few weeks and this message seems to be new.
Also there is no sign of exceeding the limitations of the Pro Plan when I visit the Usage tab in the dashboard.

Screenshot 2023-09-04 180143

What are your suggestions?
Thanks for the Help

This means that your app contains a business plan feature. We recently added this to help people upgrade when they copy templates with business plan features.

Hey David

Thanks for the message. I totally git your point. Did you change something in the Pro Plan? Because my App was working absolutely perfect for the last month#.
It would be nice if Glide somehow tells you where to find the feature.

Are you using Glide AI or the new Call API? Those might require Business.

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