Sheet Edits Quota—1000 per month?

Move choice tabs to glide tables to avoid edit usage, and everything you can…

Thanks @Uzo

Sorry I am not totally clear does a ‘choice tab’ mean the Google Sheet that holds the lookup values behind a glide choice entry field (“Source” section of the choice entry)? Or is it the Google sheet where the choice entry stores the users selected value (“Data” section of the choice entry)?

Is there any posts you can point me to about ‘choice tabs’ and why they are bad for Sheet Edits?

FYI for my app the Google Sheets used for the Source of choice entry fields are very static (no new rows and values are not changed).

Thank you very much

There’s nothing wrong with using a google sheet as the data source for choice components, but I think what @Uzo is saying is that if you can migrate any data into glide tables, then it can help reduce the amount of data that has to syncronize between glide and google. If it’s static data, then no it’s not going to make much of a difference, but any sheets that have data updated as well as being located in a google sheet will count against sheet edits.

There’s no functional difference between glide tables and google sheets as far as the app is concerned. The app only communicates with the data stored on glide servers. It’s the glide servers that then synchronize data with the google sheet. If there is functionality that can only be achieved in a google sheet, then you will have to rely on using them. If functionality can be achieved by only using glide tables, then it’s better in the long run because you will not have hits to your sheet edit count and it’s less overhead and cost for glide to keep that data in sync. The only real downside to google sheets is that any calculations that happen on the google sheet side will take a few seconds to minutes to synchronize back to glide. Doing those calculations on the glide side is instantaneous with no delay. Just synchronizing basic column data from glide to google will have no affect on the app, but when things change on the sheet side, then you can see delays as it has to synchronize back to the glide servers and then back out to the user’s app.

Some of my apps are older and were created prior to glide tables existing. Some functionality is only achievable within google sheets, so I still heavily rely on google sheets, but I’ve been trying to do more and more exclusively in glide tables.

It basically comes down to if you think you would ever need some functionality that is exclusive to google sheets, now or any time in the future. If you don’t think you ever will, then I’d say go for using glide tables exclusively. It’s nothing to overthink about. Google sheets is like a backup of the data stored in glide, but the difference is that they both synchronize both ways. If data is sourced from a google sheet, then any change to any data in a row at that exact moment will trigger a sheet edit as it synchronizes to the google sheet. If you are using entry components on a detail screen as opposed to a edit screen, then each and every change on that screen could potentially trigger a sheet edit since it’s updating the data in real time. Using an edit screen only updates the data once the user clicks on submit.


Sorry, English is not my primary language. what i meant is any choices, counters… etc that you don’t need to keep track in Google sheets… move to glide tables and results call by using relations and lookups columns to display in your App. And in case you need it, use button with set column action to write it back to gsheet

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Thank you Jeff and Uzo, I am a lot clearer now due to your help :slight_smile:

@Jeff_Hager as you mentioned there are somethings you cannot do with glide tables, such as doing a COUNTIF type function across all records when the row owner has been turned on. Any chance you have overcome this using glide tables somehow?

I have Attendee records and they pick a zone when they register.
Row owner is turned on for Attendees table so they only see their record.
In the Zone master table I want a column to show how many attendees are in that zone and I want to hide (filter) the zone in the lookup list if it reaches a max setting so that the user cannot pick it.
If I use a glide relation then in the app the user will only see themselves in the count.

So based on my understanding I have to keep the Zone master and Attendees both in google sheets to achieve the count I want.

If there is another way to do this using just glide tables I am keen to hear how I can try to do it :slight_smile:

Thank you all very much once again

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Do you want everybody to see the total count, or just an administrator? If it’s just an administrator, then you could set up a second column with the administrator’s email and use it as a secondary row owner. If you want everybody to see the count, then I would probably set up an on submit action when submitting a form. The form would add a registration record for the user, and the on submit would increment a count on the event…or depending on your setup, you could create a single relation and set a column value with a count through that single relation.

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Thanks Jeff once again,

I want everyone to see the count and also after they have registered I want to let them be able to change between zones so long as there is space available in the zone they want. So I need to manage increment for the new zone and deduction from previous zone during an edit, which is the part I am struggling the most with.

Do I need something like another field on the Attendee table to capture ‘Previous Zone’ and then some action on the edit screen’s ‘Done’ to compare current Zone with Previous Zone and do some if then else to deduct and increment the zone counts (and also finally set Previous Zone to have the same value as current Zone)?

Or maybe I should be using a screen rather than the default edit?

Sorry for all the questions and many thanks for your patience and answers!

could you please tell me what the update have you guys done to glide recently? all my sheets are messed up and images disappeared including description a lot of mess can anyone pls get back to me immediately will be thanks full

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