Newbie question about edits


I’m new to sheets and am blown away about how easy it is to use! I’m even more excited now that I’ve created an app from my spreadsheet :grinning:

My sheet is a total of 176 cells. 131 of them are static (text only). The other 45 contain functions/ formulas that are tied to my inputs.

I’m tracking financial performance of 3 different investments. So, let’s presume changing the current value of 1 item will change the value of 15 cells?

Does that mean if I change 3 prices daily that’s 45 edits ?

Thank you.


That’s 3 edits.

And welcome to Glide!

We will likely rename “sheet edits” to “Google Sheet reloads.”

Also, if you make the three edits quickly enough, they could be grouped as just two or even just one reload.

That is crazy good news !

I’m using the sheet to track the price of Apple, Tesla and Ethereum and detail their performance.

Until I started using sheets, I was using a doc, a calculator, my tablet and a pen and paper.

Now, I all have to do is enter their prices and voila !

Even better, yesterday someone showed me how to use =GOOGLEFINANCE() to load my price cells. Today I’m trying to figure out the most judicious attribute so that I can minimize my number of edits.

May I ask another question re edits?

Is it 1000 per calendar month or 30 days from account opening?

Thanks so much !

This is fun



I built a similar one for my dad who usually falls prey to ads in free apps.

Seeing how easy it was for him, I published this as a template.

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Wow !

That’s awesome, it’s beautiful!

I’m just using the free version, so mine isn’t as cool.

Nice job


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Mine is free too.

I recorded a tutorial for this, in case you’d like to see my setup:


Wow. I did it !

Thank you !

I didn’t see how I can include the pie charts or company logos, though. Do have another video ?

Thank you :grinning:



I followed Sardamits 33 minute video, though it took me over 5 hours of pausing, rewinding to kind of replicate the app. I love it.

Just can’t figure out how to add the company logo next to the ticker name. I’ve been all over the glide library thinking that maybe it’s just a function of a basic table component. I’m still lost. Did figure out how to add the pie chart, though :grinning:

Help ?

Thank you


Just grab the image address of a publicly available logo of the company.
It is not automated.