Some questions about "Sheet edits"

I have some questions about “sheet edits” and their account. Indeed, I use one of my apps with my club and I see the sheet edits account scrolling very quickly while most of the data is static. The only modifications to the sheet should be the additions of administrators’ data (rare because I am the only administrator) and the record of absences via a form (around 10 per week).
However, I observed that after connections the Google Sheet workbook auto-reloads every minute for about an hour then every hour for about two days which causes several dozen “sheet edits”. Even when I modify the settings of Google Sheets to force a reload that after a modification it comes back on its own on frequent automatic reloads.

Did you make the same observations?

Is something in my sheet causing these reloads?

Do you keep your google sheet open in a browser tab? Do you observe a slowdown in counts if you close the sheet?

Do you have any actions that may be incrementing a count, or some other action by the user that may be updating a value behind the scenes, but they are not directly making updates to data?

Do you keep the app open with background refresh turned on? Not sure if that makes a difference, but could be contributing to the count.

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No, i don’t keep Google Sheet open in a browser.
I don’t think to have any actions that may explain this count. Some automatic reloads of the Google Sheets arrive at the middle of the night when nobody use the app. I don’t use any function with “now”…
I don’t keep the app open with refresh turned on.

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Not really sure then. Those were the only thoughts I had.

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I don’t understand these automatical reloads whereas my app isn’t PRO.

Nobody has noted that ?

In just 6 days my app counted more than 200 sheet edits while only one change occurred on the Google sheet via a form.
So I have a few new questions to try to understand this phenomenon:

  1. Can a Computed column cause a sheet edit?
  2. Can a user-specific column cause a sheet edit?
  3. Does anyone have an idea as to why sheet edits occur in the middle of the night when no one is using the app?
    If you have any leads, I am interested.

Computed columns only compute on the user’s device. There is no server interaction for computed columns to work. So that shouldn’t affect sheet edits.

User Specific Columns only live on a user’s device if they are not signed in, or on Glide’s server in they are signed in, but never lives on the google sheet, so shouldn’t affect sheet edits.

A lot of sheet edits whereas no modifications

I would suggest checking all the things that your app interact with the Sheet, go through all the possible things a user can do, all the action flows etc. to see if there’s something you may have missed.

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I’m ok but that don’t explain why sheet edits arrive at the middle of the night. Only automatic change can explain that, can’t it?

Is there no chance your users don’t use that app during the middle of the night?

i’m absolutly sure about that

I can give access if somebody want to watch inside the App…

Then I would advise creating a ticket here.

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I’m going to do that :+1: