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Hey All:

I am having trouble with “Sheet Edits” in the app. I only get 1,000 sheet edits a month. I used to have 3 tabs in my app that pulled from 3 different tabs on one google sheet. I changed to one tab because my sheet edits were going up even though I was not making any edits. So I am currently watching the “Sheet Edits” go up and I am not doing any editing to the sheet. Glide said that if it is referencing another sheet and an update is made to that sheet it would count as an edit. I have checked everything to see if it is referencing another sheet and i cant find anything. Is there a way to see the “Sheet Edit” history in glide so I can see why the sheet edit counter keeps going up?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Are you sure you are not making any edits? Is there any scripts involved, or any components that make changes to the sheet?

There was a script running, but i deleted it and still same thing. I will tell you there are 6 tabs on the sheet and there are some people making edits to one of the tabs, but I am pretty sure that tab is not associated with the tab in the app, but apparently that is not the case. If I could see the “Sheet Edit” History I could diagnose it better

I can’t make anymore guesses without seeing the structure behind, but an edit should only happen if the value that Glide has access to is changed.

Can I give you access to the google sheet?

If there’s private data involved you can share some screenshots of your app settings and your data to me via private message.

Else you can try contacting Glide support for help.

This is only a guess, but I think sheet edits are counted if Google sends sheet updates to Glide… possibly with or without any actual changes. If people are editing the sheet, then it’s possible that Google is still sending. I also read from Glide that just having the sheet open will cause Google to regularly send updates, so I would try closing the sheet for awhile.

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Understood, Thank you


We will rename “sheet edits” to “sheet reloads.”

The purpose of this feature is to update the data in your app when someone edits your Google Sheet. When someone edits data in the app, we know right away. When someone edits your Google Sheet, we have to do a slightly more difficult process of reloading your Google Sheet, which is what this limit is meant to address.


Hi David, not sure if you can add some clarity to this.

I’m quite new to Glide and have been enjoying playing with it. I’m happy with how my app is set up, but I sort of dived right in and have it connected to a spreadsheet that has a handful of formulae working out calculations. EG - a user picks an item on the app. In the spreadsheet, a second tab counts how many times items have been picked using a COUNTIF formula and then this is displayed on another tab on the app via a chart. In this instance, each time a user picks an item, are several ‘sheet edits/reloads’ happening for what is essentially one task?

I know the advice is to confine calculations to Glide itself rather than the Sheet - would this stop sheet edits from rising rapidly?

Hi, you will have many Edits if you have many data displayed in your app which requires an update from G-Sheet. So yes, the better practice is to have as many operations as possible in the Glide Databuilder.

Thank you - I though as much. I think some things will have to remain as they are but I think I can tidy things up a little and reduce the number of edits.