Pro app number of edits?

How many edits do you get with a pro app?



Glide updates the data in your app every time your Google Sheet changes—for example:

  • When a user adds an item in an app

  • When a user edits an item in the app

  • When someone makes a change directly to the Google Sheet

Free apps allow 1,000 sheet edits per month. If you go above this limit, your app may not always show the latest data in your sheet.

Upgrade to Pro for unlimited sheet edits.

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What I have seen when one sends data to GS via a Form is that edit counter +2:

  • one to write to GS
  • one to read and update the APP

If your APP has many entries via Forms, it will go above the 1000 limit very fast.


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Same here, They said they are fixing that.

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