New popup information about app quotas

This comes up now when you hover the mouse below the logo on your left menu in the Editor.


Documentation about limits on free apps.


File storage is coming soon.


Thanks for sharing @ThinhDinh

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I’m liking some of the new options… Will there be a boost for more edits in the future?


Did you guys notice that even Pro apps will have limits of 10,000 edits per month. Not happy about that.

Does the counter for sheet edits start at 9 every month?Just fired up an app I haven’t touched in over a month, sheet edits count was at 9, then jumped to 10 while switching tabs. buggy maybe?

More importantly, will a boost be offered for this? Dramatically affects the prospect of some in-progress apps.

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It would be great to have a way to stop the sync when we are updating google sheets at least during the build phase. This feature creates unnecessary anxiety like “range anxiety”


@Rasha can you tell us how this affects your prospects?

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Also, our mistake — Pro apps have unlimited sheet edits. We’re rolling out a fix for the meter shortly.


I just had a heart attack :wink: we are rolling out a Montgomery County Probate app tomorrow that will see ~1000 users per day being checked in and out. Thank you for clearing that up!!

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Do you mean a meter of how much storage we are using or a way to manage or both?

You can manage your storage by removing links to files stored by Glide.

A file meter is coming soon.

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I agree with this. When building the app there are a lot of changes going on in the google sheet and I don’t really need every little change to sync to glide immediately. The ability to pause sheet syncing so the quota isn’t affected while making spreadsheet changes would help a lot.


Hope you are dong well.
Sorry. But I don’t get it.
I tried to hover my mouse in a lot of places but without success.
Can you screenshot where exactly I have to put my mouse please ?
Where can i find my quota status ?

That is a very old thread. You can find your usage on your Team dashboard > Usage like this.