Personal app quotas exceeded?

Hello! I created an application based on Glide using Google sheets. My personal app quotas on sheet edits exceeded (1001/1000). Is it true that the application will not work correctly now? If I had known earlier about quotas (unfortunately I didn’t study them in advance), I would have used glide sheets, but all the connections (relations and etc.) have already been built and it is extremely time-consuming to redo them all. I can’t switch to a paid tariff right now. What should I do? Thanks for attention.

Edits exist in all database types. The only difference between Glide tables and Google sheets is the SYNC between Sheets and Glide. Those Syncs do not exist if you use Glide Tables, but the edits will still count against you.

That said, edits that take place in the Builder are not / will not count against you.

Glide is working on a way for use to convert our Google Sheets to Glide Tables. You can wait on that if it’s too much to re-do your database.