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i almost near to hit the 1000 edit celling for free tier using google sheets. after i spent 5 days seriously discovering the Glide Page possibilities, since i am coming from appsheet platform.

i read many articles about using Glide tables to reach a dramatic reduction in the number of sync. which reached 459 sync with google sheet.

Since i am so intelligent :wink: i decide to start fresh with brand new account, and rebuild my tables entirely from scratch using the great Glide table. consumed almost 6 hours to rebuild my entire structure, cell by cell and record by record.

Proudly announcing that Now i reached Zero in Sync Counter, but with 968 total edit which consumed the 1000 edit number in just SIX HOURS. :joy: :rofl:

Genius, am i ?

Good night fellow friends

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Will you be making that many manual data changes every month?

Glide will eventually prevent the update counter from counting while you are in the builder, so I wouldn’t worry about that. Also, they are not enforcing the limit yet.

Before getting too worried, I would wait until your app is finished and the number of updates you use each month is more stable.

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Will you be making that many manual data changes every month?

in fact, not every month, but i am trying hard to get things in shape, at least to ensure that i will not face surprises in any of the functionality i need. i am still discovering the ability of the platform to fulfilled at least the minimum of the required functionality in my set of pages.

i will take your respected advice and continue working in the current task, hopping that i wouldn’t fail down in the middle of the road.

i am really using a tiny amount of required data just to test the functionality.

i really want it to get in shape soon in this promising platform.

Thank you for your kind support :pray: