Too much google sync

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Describe the bug:

  • in several minutes i check usage and see that sync become more and more. there is no any user activity (otherwise “edit” will count, but it’s still). all calculated sell in google connected to user login and appear new user - but there is no new user or user activity.

Expected behavior:

  • restore sync amount/stop addition sync

How to replicate:

  • i don’t know. if i have a possibility to get list of new data that force a sync (if it so), i can understand what happen.

Link to demo recording:

  • i will try. but for about an 1-2 hour was more that 70 sync, with no any roe add or edit. i can’t explaine it.

Do you have Extra Syncs enabled?

chosen “normal” option

for the day was:
23 adds
50 edits
and 92 sync
:sob: :scream:

??? does adds and edits counts twice? once in edit/add and second in sync?

I’m not completely sure, but yes I believe Adds and Edits would count as updates, as well as Syncs to sync that data from Glide to t be e Google Sheet. If you use Glide Tables, then you don’t have to worry about Syncs.

Any time data has to synchronize between Glide’s copy of the data, and Google’s copy, then that will be a sync.

is it so?
in manuals sad:

“When Glide reloads data from an external data source that has changed (e.g., Google Sheets, Excel), this counts as a Sync.”

that means that 92 time was changes in google sheet, that wasn’t compare to data in Glide… but it’s not possible…

Do you have any scripts in your Google Sheet?

one. it work on monday once.
and take about 15 seconds

hope it’s a good news: such situation not counted twice
for about 14 hour:
1 add
46 edit
23 sync

but still not understand where from such a lot of sync.

I move almost all calculation from Google to Glide.
some could be generated by new user (arrayformula with Admin e-mail). for this hours was added just 3 such users. :man_shrugging:

I don’t know the ins and outs of how exactly everything is counted. I haven’t been in a situation where I had to watch it very closely. It’s not clear in the documentation if an Add, Edit, Delete would cause a second sync update. It’s obviously syncing those changes to a google sheet, which to me means that it could be a second update, but I could be wrong and only counts it once . I’ve never watched it close enough.

Glide does mention that if it checks for updates in normal mode (not extra sync mode), then it will not count that as an update if there are no changes. It’s hard to say in your case, but if you still have calculations that happen in the google sheet after an Add or Edit, then that will definitely count as a second update because the data in the sheet changes AFTER an Add/Edit occurs, and that updated data needs to re-sync to Glide’s copy of the database.

Just keep in mind that when you use an external database, such as google sheets, then glide will also have a copy of that data on their servers. The server keeps glide’s copy in sync with google’s copy. The app only communicates and syncs with the glide servers and has no knowledge of the google sheet. So when you use an external database, a change in the app first has to sync with glide, then sync with google. Then any calculation in a google sheet need to sync back to glide and then sync to the device. When you use Glide tables, then you eliminate that extra hop to the google sheet. If you use Glide computed columns, then all computations happen directly on the user’s device without the need for the data to travel to glide, to google, and back again before you see results in the app. Of course the basic column data will still sync, but it doesn’t need to occur instantly.

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my calculation in google does not depend on Edit. Add affect only if add new user.

on google side new information appear once on monday and several time equal to user login or appear new user. thats all. and all of it together about 10-20 a day, not an hour.

yes, i read a lot of topics about glide table. I be happy to convert most of google table to glide table. i vote for this feature - await for it, because remade whole tables handly - imposible.

i aim to use resources kind, but extrasync make app unoperatable.
for 12 days used 739 sync - it’s unnormal. it’s must not. in case of limit 2500 updates - that leak of updates - kill app.

report: for about 5,5 hour:
4 add
12 edit
23 sync
0 logins
0 new users
so there in google was nothing to initiate sync

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Yeah, I don’t have a good answer. I say just try different things and see how the numbers respond. Maybe you can find a pattern. Just be sure to try using the published version of the app. Updates aren’t usually counted if you are doing them from within the builder.

all published - i keep it in mind more then half year after face with such situation.

report 1:
for 11 hour
0 add
58 edit
48 sync :scream:
1 new user :face_with_monocle: it’s mean that add row in user don’t affect to add count

report 2:
in google sheet i remove 2 arrayformula. between changes was about 10 sec.
it take 4 sync

will see behavior later. 2 arrayformula that i remove - don’t in use. this section of app i stop use about 8 month ago. it’s not connected to any add/edit appear now.

less than hour:
0 add
6 edit
10 sync :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

please stop it!!!

i check history in google sheet - there was no any changes for this period.

17 minutes:
0 add
0 edit
4 sync

about 3 hour
remove addition 2 arrayformula. (so for now there still exist only one arrayformula to put admin e-mail in user table.)
1 add
9 edit
20 sync

2 point:

for 16 minutes
0 add
0 edits
25 sync
ok. one of it - is remove last arrayformula from googl sheet. now there is should be a zero sync in case google not produce new data.

  1. during work with app, appear data in column that can’t be. it was look like Glide take data from google in the past, when data was in that column. i make a video that information in glide was not the same as in google, even after refresh.
    well… if glide take data from past, then check google, see present data and make sync - then it explaine situation with sync.
    but it shoul not do it. it should not take any information from past.

please restore my sync usage.

about 2 hour
15 sync


For future reference, Glide does not “double count” Updates. If you add, edit, or delete a row, this counts as one Add, Edit, or Delete. Glide does not count a Sync as well.

Doc on Updates here.

One section from the doc that might be helpful as well

Sometimes Glide will sync your data source and find that no data has changed. In this event, the Sync is not counted (you are not charged for Syncs that don’t provide new data).