What counts as a row update?

I have a Google Sheet as a data source.
If I update the data source via the editor then it adds 1 x Add to my usage. Seems to be the same if I edit a row.

Is this also how adds and edits are counted if I update the source Google Sheet?
Example, if I update 2 x rows in the Sheet (via Make or whatever method) then does that count as 2 x edits?

What counts as a sync? Is that just when I manually click the sync button in the Glide data editor?

Use case is updating a balance for clients every 24 hours. We will do this automatically but are trying to understand how to minimise update costs as even edits via the Glide editor seem to count towards our update quota.

We are considering using Glide tables’ API which isn’t super granular as we’d need to figure out if a client is existing or new before editing or adding a row, but I understand that would mean update quota wouldn’t be a factor.

Any clarification appreciated!

Generally no. When Glide syncs with your Google Sheet, it will pick up all changes made since the last sync and that counts as a single sync/update.

Yes, plus background syncs. For example, any changes made in the Google sheet would also trigger a sync.

Thanks. Apologies if I’m not getting this as it seems simple :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A sync is all changes made to say a Google sheet since the last sync. Correct?

If a sync picked up 10 added or edited rows will Glide also count those 10 updates towards my monthly usage?

Yes, but as far as I’m aware it would just count as a single update.

Do you know if batch writing row updates to Excel would trigger a single sync of xyz number of rows?

I believe that’s the way it works. I think the only time it might count as 2 updates would be if the batch came in whilst Glide was already in the middle of a sync. So you might get some of them in the first sync and the rest in the next sync.

That’s my understanding of how it works. You could probably confirm this yourself with a little testing.

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I believe the team has said that’s exactly how it works. Unless you manually sync yourself, Glide will batch updates every X minutes or so to minimize the number of syncs they need to do.

Regarding this, I hope a search API will be available soon. My workaround now (with Make) is to write user info to a data store and do a lookup there.

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If you batch-write to Excel, Microsoft will alert us of the changes approximately once (I am not sure of the precise behavior–it’s possible that they would alert us twice), and we perform one sync, no matter how many changes you made to your Excel file in that batch update. That counts as one update.

Similarly, suppose you paste 1,000 rows into your Google Sheet. Google alerts us once, we perform one sync, that counts as one update.


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