Edit limit/how to view summary

Hi, I have a personal glide app plan so I only have 1,000 edits per month. I am trying to figure out how to view the # of edits I have already made each month and how soon that count will reset to “0 edits” so I know how soon my app will update all the edits I have made that have not yet been reflected. Also, does the 1,000 limit go based off of each month (e.g. July 1-July 31) or based off of the date I first created my app? Thank you!

Like your screenshot shows, it indicates how many sheet edits are left for the month. They should reset at the beginning of each month.

Hi @Jeff_Hager. Thank you for your reply. My apologies, but I was not clear in my initial post. The screenshot that I posted is not from my account–that is the type of summary I saw another glide user show and I wanted to know how to see/find this sort of summary on my account?

Click on the Upgrade button at the top right of the screen.