When does monthly sheet edit limit renew?

It’s Sept. 1 - 1530 hrs in my timezone (IST) and the sheet edits haven’t been reset? Do they reset acc. to a particular timezone. I also read a thread from last month where people complained that the counter didn’t reset even after 2-3 days of the new month and claimed it as a bug. Please Help!


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Not sure what the deal is

It will reset today. It resets in the first two days of the month.


They have been reset now.

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Is this still an issue that other people are having? I just took this screen cap - I didn’t make 851 edits in the last 33 hours…


Mine has reset. I don’t know when it officially resets, but it’s the 1st - ish. Is your’s still showing that many edits? Sometimes edits will increase every few minutes if you leave the google sheet open.

It’s still showing the same, even right now, on the morning of the 3rd. I’ve logged out then logged back in, refreshed the page and even hard refreshed (Shift + F5) with no success. I do have the Sheet open in another tab but I haven’t made any edits in over a week because I didn’t want to burn through what I had left