I have 4 boolean checkboxes (one row for each user):

Only 1 can be active anytime. User click on one of them and then to another. How to switch off (deselect automatically) all the 3 “FALSE” checkboxes when one of them is checked (TRUE)?
Unfortunately, there is no action linked to the checkbox component, and using if…then is also not possible (if switch 1 is TRUE, then…I cannot define “set #2 to FALSE”).
Any help? Thanks!

It would be helpful if you can explain the purpose of the checkboxes.
My initial thought is that you might be trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, and there is probably a better approach than using checkboxes. For example, if only one of 4 states can ever be true, then you might be better off with a choice component that writes a value to a single column.

Customer has a page where he can select one option like this:
Of course it is possible to do it in another ways, such as icon with a text, but this solution was “clean” and easy. Problem is that is not possible to perform an action when user click on it…

Actually, instead of using individual checkbox components, you could use an Inline List with a Checklist layout. You could then assign a multi-step action that would set the state of each column.


Perfect! This is a good turnaround. I didn’t remember the different layout possibilities of the Inline List. Thanks for your help!

Hi @Darren_Murphy,
How does using an Inline List with Check List layout allow to define an action for when the checkbox is ticked or unticked?

I basically want to increment or decrement a value in a summary table when the user ticks or unticks the checkbox of a record but don’t see how I can do that :frowning:

Not sure if I am missing something obvious in my design/hack to try and achieve this?

Thank you