Combination of CheckList, Choice, Button to change element status?

To manage the change of status of some (or even all) elements of a list, I would like to use combination of Checklist/List Layouts, Choice and Button components as follows:

  1. Selection of Products for which status has to be changed => use of Checklist Layout ?
  2. Selection of Action to be realized => use of Choice component ?
  3. Execution of the Action => use of OK Button ?
  4. Visualization of the result with element status => use of List Layout ?

Example for steps 1), 2), 3) :
Example for step 4) :

Question 1: How to realize step 3) ? If not feasible with OK Button, is there alternative who give similar result ? I would prefer to avoid to use the Switch Button because too small.

Question 2: What could be simplest way to realize the Layout change in step 4) ?

Please refer to Example/Templates (if any), I didn’t find one which could help.

Interesting use case, but this probably won’t work. Checklists aren’t designed to “select” items…their purpose is to “check off items” by writing a 1 or 0 in some other column in your sheet.

That being said, there has been a feature request for quite a while about a multi select choice component. I imagine, if this comes to fruition, that it would serve your need.

Choice Component - multiple selections

Thanks Roberto for your answer, what is the statutus of the “multi select choice component” feature request you mentioned ? and generally speaking how be informed of new coming Glide features ?

Let’s now consider the case of a SINGLE component selection that could be a temporary workaround, although not covering my needs. We could separate the problem in two steps:

  1. the Generation of values (numbers, icons, …)
    How to select on the screen the value in a given range of values ?
    If we use Choice component, why isn’t not possible to use as Destination an other sheet than the current sheet (it seems not possible to use Relations to access an other sheet) ?

  2. the Action itself
    Which component could be used to get a simple “push” action ? if this is not possible, do you know if a feature request does exist already, this could be very useful for validation of any action for instance.
    As temporary alternative, is there a possibility to use “on/off” toggle button to have each time it is set to “on” a row incremented by “1”, or better a serie of circular values like : 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,… ?
    If not available, what about use of “clock” ? Is there any possibility to get “current date&time” for instance ? making a test with previous stored “date&time” could be a criteria to decide to increment a row by 1 (or other value) each time a “push” button is activated.