How to get Button to act as Choice

I’d like to have buttons enter value of the button into the spreadsheet. (basically operate like the choice component).

So the instead of user having to use the choice component… they can click a image or visual button.

or can we setup an image to perform the same item.

Maybe setup an action for ‘set data’ or something.

You can use a choice component in the horizontal layout to act as a sort of button.

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I’m trying that…but I’m having a hard time having the choices pull from the list view rather form a repeated set of choices.


I have a list with he following cards
A or B
C or D
E or F

I want to then click on a card and then make the choice of either the first letter or the second. The title of the choice should reflect the 2 choice titles.

so I can then click A for the first pair
C for the 2nd pair
E for the last pair.

but I can’t seem to get that to work, where the choice option shows the title choices for each pair.

Can you show any screenshots to get a better visual? I’m picturing a list of cards. You click on a card, and within the details is the choice, correct?

I’d like the choice component to display as the buttons do (with the text from the column of choice 1 and choice 2)… or get the buttons to work as the choice component does (where it can show options from 2 columns instead of all the rows from a single column).


I think there are a couple things you could try. One is to create multiple choice components all pointing to the same column (there will be a warning, but that’s ok). Then set visibility to only show the component that matches the page title. So if the title is ‘A or B’, then display the AB choice component.

Another option would be to create a sheet that will hold each choice. So you will have a column and in each row you would have A, B, C, etc. The add a second column with a value that matches the page title. So you would have a sheet that looks like this:

Title Choice
A or B A
A or B B
C or D C
C or D D
E or F E

Create a multiple relation column from you ‘Logic’ sheet that links the title to the title in the new choice sheet. Use the relation column to build your choice component on the ‘Logic’ details page. This will give you dynamic choices based on the details page you are viewing and would only require a single choice component.


ok, thanks Jeff.

the first one is prolly not that scaleable
the second one is interesting… I may give that a try and see if it works better than what I’ve seen in other quiz apps.

thanks again

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