Sheet Edits Quota—1000 per month?

I don’t understand.

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It’s only a limitation if you need that specific table in another app.

That’s my case… 2 Glideapp refered each other

Google Sheets have the exact same limitation.

So, i didnt understood. (Sorry)
Can i use this table with the formula IMPORTRANGE or VLOOKUP ?
I can transcribe all my GlideApps with this Glide tables ?

A google sheet can be used for multiple apps. Any formulas within that google sheet will work the same regardless of which app is using it. If you have created any ‘glide only’ computed columns in the glide data editor (which can do many of the same functions that a google sheet formula can do), these columns are not synced to the Google sheet and only stay with the app they were created in.

A glide table, on the other hand, does not use or sync to a google sheet. Like a google sheet, a glide table can be used for multiple apps. And like a google sheet, and ‘glide only’ computed columns created in the glide data editor will only stay with the app they were created in.

What you have read is that ‘glide only’ computed columns do not transfer between apps. What @david is pointing out is that the use of that glide tables will not count against sheet edits. If you can use glide functionality instead of sheet formulas, then you can switch to glide tables and you will not have problems running out of sheet edits. The problem mentioned in the documentation is the same problem, whether you are using Google sheets or glide tables.


Thx for your detailled answer.
So, I will try to understand how to transform my sheet to Glide tables… Not so easy for me.
If you have a good tutorial for this, it would be so nice.
I am impressed by your responsiveness.
Thanks for spending so much time on me.
Happy New Year for you and this wonderfull GlideApp !

How many edits do you get per a month with a basic app?

@david, does it mean that when we do not open G-Sheet in Chrome, there is no “sheet reload”?
(my counter is exploding, while I very few change my G-Sheet)

No, that’s not what it means. We explain sheet edits in detail on our pricing page.


Where can i find the Sheet Edits Quota (—1000 per month?) in the new interface ?

Thx for answer.


On the top right, where you click this part.

I have a free glide, i can’t see this screen on my glide. Only in a pro glide ?

You can check your usage stats via the upgrade button in glide on free apps, top right of the glide builder

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Hum, ok, thx !
It’s work only with PC ! (i used to work with tablet or mobile)

Hi Mark, just want to clarify as I cannot find any clear explanation anywhere:

  1. The “Sheet Edits” count only increases based on data being read from the spreadsheet back into Glide or is the count increasing when data is being updated to the spreadsheet as well?

  2. Once the “Sheet Edits” max is reached then Glide will not limit writing of data back to the spreadsheet but it will limit data being read from the spreadsheet.

Is that the correct understanding?
If there is a nice and clear explanation anywhere of how the Sheet Edits increase and what happens once they are reached, feel free to direct me there?

Hi @DJF94

Does this help?

Taken from Limits on Free Apps - Glide Library

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Many thanks @Rosewebstudio, yes I have read it MANY times (along with many community posts) but still do not have clear and definite answers.

I want to keep my app sheet edits per month within a certain range for obvious pricing reasons. Currently I cannot work out how the sheet edits are increasing and so cannot plan/think if there are ways to change my app to reduce the increase in the count so I know I will be within that range (this is not for the personal/free 1000 limit but a paid plan).

Originally I thought if I move to glide tables it will help but I believe there will be no difference, correct?

My factors:
Weekly event
~ 250 user profiles exist
~ 250 registration records per week created (seems ~500 sheet edits for these).
~ 250 updates (sheet edits) to registration records
Total ~750 sheet edits per week, so depending on how many other things increase the sheet edits (yes I have increases like other people where nothing is being done on the app) and how many weeks in the calendar month I might hit more than my limit of sheet edits

So I am looking for some detailed (and ideally official) info.
Given Glide charge for sheet edits and row counts, to me there should be clear documentation how these are calculated and that is what I am hoping to find in order to determine how to move forward with my app.

Many thanks

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Glide Tables do not create ANY sheet edits/sheet reloads. Sheet edits/reloads only happen when you use Google Sheets, as it says in the documentation.

In other words, Glide Tables have unlimited sheet edits on every plan.

Every time your app changes the connected Google Sheet, that’s one sheet edit. Every time someone edits the connected Google Sheet directly in the Google Sheets interface, that’s one sheet edit.

As a last resort, if you upgrade to our Pro plan, you have unlimited sheet edits.