Sheet Edits Quota—1000 per month?

Should I close my sheet in Chrome when not really using it for Dev purpose? Will that address this problem?


Olá pessoal, me desculpe mas não sei se estou no lugar correta para sanar minha dúvida sobre o Glide Pro.
Se eu criar um app “A” interligado a sheet “A”.
E efetuar uma copia somente do app.
Então teriamos 2 app’s, “” e “” e uma sheet “A”
Quando efetuarmos o upgrade para o Pro, teremos que ter 2 upgrade ?
Ou um só será sufuciente já que estamos utilizando a mesma sheet “A”.

You should start a different topic for your question.
So two Apps A and B both pointing to same sheet data source.
You can upgrade A or B or A&B both to Pro but if your data hits > 500 rows, the one that’s not a Pro will not let you develop it further.

OK entendido, muito bom.

Grato pela presteza.

On what day of the month does the quota reset?

I am having edit count issues too. If I add additional rows (boost), it doesn’t say if they also add edits.
You can’t get additional rows without being able to add, and therefore, edit them, which cuts in the edit quota. Can the edits that accompany the row boosts be posted as well?

What is the most edits you guys have seen in a month? This is a couple of mine and we’re not even halfway through the month.



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@Cynthia_Blake I don’t think adding a row boost will add a sheet edit boost as well. You would have to add a separate sheet edit boost as well if you needed more. At that point, it would be more cost effective for a single app to upgrade to a Basic plan, however, boosts do apply to all of your free apps so you would have to do the math to determine what is the better deal.

I think data syncing to and from google is one of Glide’s expenses that they try to limit to stay profitable. Sheet edits just means the number of times that glide has to check and sync new data changes to and from a google sheet. If you are bulk adding multiple rows to your boosted row limit, and that causes a concern about blowing through your limit for the month, then you may be better off creating those rows in a separate google sheet and then copying and pasting into the google sheet used for your app. I believe that will only count as one sheet edit. Adding a large amount of data row by row and column by column may increase your edit count substantially if you are doing it slowly. I believe google will usually send the first update immediately and the any following edits every few minutes. Glide updates the sheet any time you make data changes in the app. If you want to keep your sheet edit counts low, you may want to consider using Glide Tables whenever possible, which will keep the data within Glide and prevent the need to update a google sheet. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong with any of this.

@Drearystate I’ve never really paid close attention to my sheet edits, but if I were to guess, I’d say I average around 3,000 to 5,000 edits per month. Mostly due to 1 or 2 users (mostly 1) and having background refresh turned on. I don’t think I technically need background refresh turned on and I’m back and forth on using it, but I’m doing some weird stuff with 2 google sheets and importrange to move data back and forth, and the delay in google sheets can be substantial, which concerns me without having background refresh turned on to guarantee that the app is updated with the latest data.

This is where I’m at right now for this month. Probably a little lower than usual due to covid shutdowns that are preventing its use.



Im curious if any of mine get close to 10k.

Looks like you’re well on your way. Especially if an app like your kiosk app has background refresh turned on and is open all the time.

Well, I don’t expect that one to go as high. It is used when Service Advisors are too busy to help or someone is fearful of Covid and wants an alternative to checking in.

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I will be releasing that kiosk in a template on here for everyone I just need to know how people would like it themed. I can do it in a similar manner as Automitive or I can do it like a retail location, or anything else. If anyone has the intention of using it after I post it please give me the use cause and I will build the template in that manner.

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I’m a french teacher (Sport éducation, Sorry for my bad english)
I created few glidapp for my pupils (450 !), it was so cool for a more efficient learning. My pupils love its and it’s good advertising for your app in the future, no ?
But 1000 edit/month are a big limitation for us and we can’t pay because éducation in France is too poor for this.
I understand that nothing is free but can you help school (like Google Education for example) allowing more lines for a month (2000 ?) ?
In my case, it was so many working hours in trash because of this limitation.

Can you help us, please ? :pray:

Thanks !

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There are special prices for schools if the app is private. I know you say that the school won’t pay, but maybe if it’s cheaper you get surprised :slight_smile:

Do you know the way to get this special prize ?

if you go to, under FAQ you will find the link

Thx very much for the way

Unfortunatly, it’s too expansive for us… :cry:

You can consider sending out referrals to glide to try to earn additional rows and edits.

Use Glide Tables instead of Google Sheets, they do not use the edit quota.


Thx for this solution… But it doesn’t work for my favorite glideApp because of this :
" Only basic columns and user-specific columns are shared when you share a Glide Table between apps—computed columns are not yet shared with the table."
So sad for me…