🚀 Get bonus rows & edits for each developer you refer!

Everyone now has a unique referral link you can find here: https://go.glideapps.com/o/0/referrals For every active developer you refer, you’ll get an additional 100 rows and 200 sheet edits for all of your free apps.

What’s an ‘active developer’?

An active developer is someone who signs up, makes an app, and that app is actively used. Any apps count—people do not need to pay to be considered active.

Referrals are only valuable to us if they create active developers—it doesn’t help us if 10 people sign up but don’t make apps, or make apps but do not share them—so we’ve aligned referral credit with referral value.

So, if you refer someone, please also tell them to come here for help! The more help they get, the more likely they are to become and stay active.


I think I am liking this … (but sad that it did not come out earlier)

I am a technology teacher and have an online class on using Glide in education.

Each of my ‘students’ (classroom teachers) is required to copy or build 3 apps to possibly use in their classroom.

So I have 15 teachers who I ‘referred’ a month ago, who are potentially active Gliders. (not all will be active, but there is the potential!)

Glad (but sad) about this news.


Ditto. Oh well.


Another great idea out of the hat! :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

On that same screen, can we see our referral stats?

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David, when you say “for all your free apps”, you mean rewards will apply to all our free apps, and not any particular one?

So 200 for each free app for every new referral ?

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Yes, that is what I mean by “all” — all.

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I’m onto it !

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Sent a tweet…referral link doesn’t work on mobile?

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How could I check my referrals status ? I will get bonus if my app users create and share theirs app, right? Thank you so much.

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You will get the referral as soon as someone signs up via your link. It is instantaneous.

@Robert_Petitto it should work on mobile.


It works!


Referral link doesn’t have a Open Graph image

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the ref link shows directly a login screen!? isn’t it better to have a more welcome landings page for this??

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I agree, I am responsible for the popularization of Glide in Brazil, these are some examples of videos on my channel demonstrating Glide that has more than 10k views

Anyway, congratulations on the new initiative @david :clap:


I am the result of this movement,
congratulations @Messias_Carvalho :clap:

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Like all features, we start with an MVP, not with the best version :wink:


Do we get it only for new users or also for existing users that use our link?

As you know, I have Facebook groups one with 1.2k users and 1 with 650 users, mist if them got to glide using the link I put in the group’s description.

If they now use my link to connect again with the same account, do I get the referral or only for completely new users?