Image carousel - indication of mutiple images



The image carousel functionality has changed so the image number overlay disappears after approx 2 seconds. That doesn’t work for me as the user might not see the number overlay - and thereby not realize that the image is actualy part of an image carousel - resulting in the user not using the image carousel.

In the app there has been put an indicator in the button of the screen so the user can see that there are more images to see if the person scrolls right (or left).

The overlay (done in Cloudinary) is put on the individual image. This isn’t the normal way to shown such an indicator - the indicator will normally stay on top of the images moving below. Just as the number overlay that is native to glide does. But I think it works ok.

The indicator will work with up to eight images in the carousel.

You can change the indicator image, where it is placed, how big it is and the color of the indicator. Give it a try (the app is copyable)

The app is a further development of app. You can have a look of the documentationfor that app here:
Image carousel in conjunction with Cloudinary

NB: Please use your own cloudinary account if you decide to implement something similar in your app


Lovely as always! The overlay is genius.

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I’m still confused why this isn’t a native option, makes so much sense, and would save time. It’s displayed in the glide data editor.