1:1 images with overlays

iOS: 13.3.1
Device: iPhone 11 pro

Using an image with a tag. Design is 1:1

The image and tag shows up nicely in builder - but the tag cannot be seen on phone.
Is it a layer problem?

The problem is not seen if the design is different from 1:1

This image is from the builder

The image in phone:

Similar to this

@mark Is that something that you will look into? It is actually also quite a problem in Image carousel as the user might have navigated to 3/3 image - but are not given any clue that the image is actually in an image carousel.

I’m using the image carousel to show a wide screen image (where the original image can be landscape format) therefore the square style of the image will not work for me.

I am digging into these issues now

I was able to reproduce the image carousel issue on latest version of Glide and fix it. Fix should roll out tuesday.

@Jason I can confirm that numbering of images i.e. 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 is working.

But other overlays are still not functionering - Tag and Caption is not working except on the first image in the carousel.

Will you correct the other overlay problems as well. Thx

@jason I have seen the overlays working now.