Image slideshow (1 of X) --> 1 / X

It could be very cool to change the “1 of X” label (when you display multiple images) by “1 / X”, for the rest of the world :wink: (my app is in french) :wink:

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Hi Patrice,

You might get an idea with this genius app by Kristian, described here, to beautify your carousel.

I have the same issue, so i just added my own indicator below each carousel to :“Swipe Left for more images”, using the text component.

I would advise you to try and do something like Kristian did in the link above, that would provide a better look for your carousel and is customizable.

Yes good idea, looks nice and works quick…But I don’t want to start investing in a platform that could potentially run me $80+/month…
I’m sure there are other platforms that are free for use. But its nice non the less. Their free version is very limited.

What are you talking about? If you are talking about Cloudinary, it has one of the best free versions out there.

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ill check again…

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@Patrice glide has fixed the problem and restored to previous layout of the numbering. Now 1/3 images of “1 of 3”

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