Image carousel - numbers disappear to quickly

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@Jason Image carousel functionality has changed. The number (e.g. 1/3) will show for approx 2 seconds - and then it disappears.

The image carousel might not be visible when the screen is opened and therefore the user might never see the number (1/3) - and then not understand that it is actually an image carousel and not an image.

Actually, I think that the numbering should stay put until the user has scrolled to the next image. Another possibility is to leave number on the image until the full image has been shown to the user (and that can be dependent on the users scrolling to the image carousel before the clock starts).

A less prominent way of indicating that there are images outside the screen (left/right) could be to use dots instead of numbers.


@jason @mark Why not do an indicator on the image carousel like this one:

Image carousel - indicator

It can stay put when you scroll to the next image. This is a lot more intuitive, I think.

Further, you have reintroduced an english word ‘of’ which isn’t great in every country. We discussed way back it was actually better to put in ‘/’ (like 1/3) as the separator as this is language independent - and you did that change.

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